Our Story


Imagine the chemistery in couple formed by an interior designer and a pharmacist… Two strong creative personalities, passionate about travel, history, decoration and fragrances… With both their knowledge and adoration for beauty came the desire to create an art project together: Secret d’Apothicaire.

Over ten years ago, Muriel and Frédéric Dana created a natural line of candles and aromatics scents. Indeed, what could be more logical than to combine Muriel’s gift for décor, refinement and Frederic’s highly technical knowledge that is the universe of fragrances and wax plant. Frederic works on the blends and fragrances arrangements, while Muriel designs packaging, and takes care of staging.

All candles are inspired by numerous trips made together, with evocative names full of poetry: “Trip to Marrakech, Summer night dream, St Petersburg's ball…”

They are presented in exquisite glass officinal brown Victorian cream jars, in transparent candy jars and also unique faience pieces inspired from old XVIIIth faience craftsmen pots maker, manufactured in France.

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